The martingale roulette system in casino

The martingale roulette system in casino

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The martingale roulette system in casino

In casino and online casino there are many different betting systems. Avid players are guided by some of them. One of the most popular is the Martingale system, which has been used by players for a long time – more than 200 years. So long, in fact, that the system has become a household name, often referred to as the Golden Hunt, which 90% of the time only results in losing all your money at the online casino real money. There are a few variations of the system, but in general terms, the idea is that after you win the bet is doubled in the casino online.

Types of Martingale system in casino online

Simple or regular Martingale in casino

It is used in roulette at the casino online as a simple odds. The strategy of the game is accessible, simple and clear. The player chooses a certain colour, and all the time he bets on it, while constantly doubling them. This happens until he wins at the online casino. Then the minimum bet is made again, and the game continues in the same way. However, there are some pitfalls. Firstly, one has to have a sufficient amount of cash. Even if you make the minimum bet of $1, you can easily calculate how much you need to bet, for example, on the 5th or 8th turn. That’s a pretty hefty sum. Besides, it should not be discarded that casino has a betting limit, so no one will allow betting on the same field. So, it is quite possible that a situation may arise when the maximum of a table is reached, but the desired colour has not fallen out. As a result, the risk is too big and unreasonable, so there is no sense in playing any more.

Long Martingale in casino

The essence of the game is that bets need to do on one number and then gradually increase them in the online casino. That is, a casino player bets $1 for 35 spins, then 17 spins for $2 and 11 for $3. If you win, you have to start all over again. Thus, the amount of winnings will depend on how fast the betting number comes out. The risk is the same as in the standard Martingale.

American Martingale at the casino

The essence of this system is that if you win, the last bet is doubled and bets are placed until the winnings come out or until the player reaches the table limit at casino online. The risk is quite high, but there is a chance of pulling off a big score. You should consider that there should be a large initial capital, at least calculated on a thousand bets in casino online. Otherwise, the risk will be unjustified.

Stages of the game using the Martingale system in the online casino real money

Consider step by step the classic form of the game.

-We choose a colour, for example, black and bet $1.

-In case we win in online casino, we take it back and again bet $1.

If you lose, the bet is doubled, i.e. it equals $2.

If we lose again, the bet is doubled again to $4. Continue in the same way until we win or exceed the maximum bet limit, which is set by online casino real money. Either way, we start all over again.

The number of bets equals 6, of which only one won, while there is a win, albeit small. The Martingale system would be good if casino did not limit the maximum bet. With a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $100, after the seventh bet lost, they cannot be doubled. The loss would be $127. It will be necessary to start all over again, from a bet of 1$. From all that said, it can be concluded: the classic Martingale system is a trap for players with little experience. It attracts them because of its apparent simplicity and win-win situation.

Modification of the Martingale system in casino online

Roulette is considered to be one of the most popular games at the casino. A lot of players try to beat it. When playing for chance, the variance is very small, but if you apply a betting strategy or play for numbers, it increases significantly. Consequently, the player’s risk of losing all the money at casino online increases accordingly.

For many years, there have been attempts to modify the Martingale system to eliminate the risks and drawbacks, thereby strengthening its merits at the online casino. All these attempts, however, only lead to significantly increased risks:

  1. The stakes increase. If you take a betting odd of 2, it is doubled if you lose. If you take odds 3, you have to increase it 3 times, if you lose. In this case it is necessary to remember about the limit of the maximum bet of the table online casino real money.
  2. changing the odds of winning (OR). It may vary from 1 to 36 and not necessarily, that number may be an integer. That is, CV may be, for example, 1.5 or 1.2.

Aggressive modification in casino online

Aggressive modification of Martingale system in casino online suggests that when losing the bet should be increased by 3 times. This method allows you to win more if you are lucky, but if you fail, you can lose everything very quickly in the online casino real money. The disadvantage of this option is the smaller number of bets before reaching the online casino table limit. Such modification of the system is more risky than the classic variant.

Mildened modification in casino online

With the relaxed modification of Martingale system in casino online bets are not doubled, but, for example, one and a half times. Then the risk is reduced, but the number of bets increases. True win at the online casino with this option will be minimal and there is no sense to play by such a strategy.

Betting on dozens at casino online

The probability of winning at the game “Dozen betting” in casino online is 1:3. But it will be bigger. It makes it possible not to double the bet in casino, but to increase it, for example, by a factor of one and a half. In this case, there is also an opportunity to make as many bets as possible and reduce the risk in the online casino real money. However, you will have to wait longer for a win at the online casino because the odds are rather small unlike bets where the odds are equal.

Sixlines at the online casino

If you do xline bets at casino (6 tiles at a time), you also increase your risk considerably. For example, if you win 5:1. Let’s take KC to be 1.3, so the bet will increase by 1.3 times. Initially it would be $1.3, then $1.69 (1.3×1.3 =1.69), etc. At this rate, the number of losses will be high. Since, in case of a loss, the bet increases by only 20%, the number of losses can be raised up to the allowable limit of casino online. The odds of winning in a six-loss system are 6 to 37. Therefore, a series of losses, which may be long, appears. Thus, they are collected and if there is no winnings until the table limit is reached, the player loses all the money in the online casino.

As you can see, the martingale system in the online casino real money is just an advertising gimmick, a “scam” for unthinking players unable to look beyond and calculate the consequences of the strategy. Be careful, the casino is always in the black!